Camp is one of the highlights of the summer for us at Firewheel Youth.

Youth camp is one of the best places to disconnect from the outside world, to draw closer to God and to build lifelong friendships that will help encourage one another to walk out a life with God.

Every year we see students’ lives transformed by God. This not only changes their spiritual life, but it can change the way they are at home… Imagine less fighting, back talk and more respect—at school, too! Imagine a student who gives their best effort, who is noticed as a good student and who leads their peers in the right way! These are the characteristics of a heart that fully is devoted to God, and that is why we put such an importance on Summer Camp. I can’t promise you a completely new student; I can promise you they will have every opportunity to have their lives changed forever by a God who wants nothing but the best for them and for you.

My prayer is that we can DRAMATICALLY lower the cost of camp through fundraisers and donations; I do NOT WANT FINANCIAL ISSUES TO KEEP YOUR STUDENT FROM COMING TO CAMP! If finances are a problem, please talk with me. We will work together to try to get your student to camp!

I ask that you pray for your student and the rest of us who will be going… and expect to see God do something incredible in their lives!

We will be attending camp the week of July 1st-5th; our speaker will be Adam McCain.

To register for camp you need to pay a deposit of $100 AND fill out the online form, both are due NO LATER THAN Wednesday April 17th, after that there will be a $25 late fee and we cannot guarantee you a spot! The remaining balance of $175 is due June 23rd.