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Youth and Kids camp are just around the corner. Lives are changed at camp: There is always a sweet work of the Holy Spirit and lifelong friendships are made. Camp can be a financial hardship on some families and every little bit of generosity helps. You can give now or use the offering box on Sunday. Be sure to designate Kids/Youth Camp


Did you know you can set up recurring giving online to pay your tithes and offering. Visit www.firstatfirewheel.com or text FirewheelTX to 833-628-6562

  1. Select “set up recurring”
  2. Select the frequency: weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly
  3. Designate fund: tithes/offering, Missions, etc.
  4. Enter Memo if needed
  5. Click Next
  6. You may be asked to verify phone # or be texted a verification code for security